This site is by Matt Cholick; it's a space to put up the occasional blog post and a few other pieces of content. The blog is my effort to contribute back to the community of technology bloggers; other, similar sites have often been very useful solving development problems and teaching me new things.

I'm a Java developer but try to keep things interesting by mixing in alternate JVM languages. Experimenting with Groovy recently has been a lot of fun. I've also tossed in the occasional bit of Android development over the past year.

I'm in the final stretch of a Master of Software Engineering degree. I should wrap up my project and graduate this summer. My 9-5 is typically spent enhancing and maintaining K-State's course management system as Senior Application Developer/Team Lead.

Visit the blog section to view a few of my thoughts on recent work and technology - or stop by of my social streams on Twitter and Google+.

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